(Closing This Window Exits Christmas In Korea)
Christmas In Korea
Christmas on the DMZ up at Camp Liberty Bell
(Closing This Window Exits Christmas In Korea)
The display tank at Camp Rose, 1st BN 72nd Armor, 2nd Inf Div, is deck out with holiday lights
A tank of the 10th Cav provides Santa with a measure of
protection for his Flight around Korea, Camp Kaiser 1958
Sp4 Jim McNab
127th Signal BN
Kaiser Film Exchange
   At Christmas time 1965, we found a scrub evergreen bush which we cut down and brought into our
2nd platoon hooch. We decorated the bush with ornaments made from beer cans and tin foil. We
purchased gifts for the KATUSA's and wrapped them in brown paper bag material. Two of the gifts are
visible on the floor under the "tree."  The KATUSA on the left is Lee YS (tail gunner on my scout track).
   The Katusa on the left is wearing what we referred to as a tanker jacket.  We could have them made
for us by Korean civilians.  The arm band is probably an MP armband.  Whenever we went into the DMZ
we were required to wear one.  I think that under the terms of the armistice agreement, only military
police were supposed to enter the zone.
Mike Doyle
A Troop 4th SQDN 7th Cav
2nd Inf Div
1965 - 1966
KATUSA Christmas
   I pulled the tree off the Z and the boys help fix it up. We used
rubbers, a Playboy Angel Center Fold, sight extensions, coke cans,
playing cards and the works
Pvt Carmelo Rodrigues
B Co, 1st BN 31st Inf
2nd Inf Div
1975 - 1976
A group of 2nd Division Donut Dollies pose on a truck driven by Santa